School Code Name Syllabus Class
FFCLRP 5915764 Scientific Methodology and Writing
FFCLRP 5925926 Special Topics in Comparative Biology
FFCLRP 5935939 Methods for Determination of Legal and Illicit Drugs in Forensic Toxicology
FFCLRP 5935993 Biochemical Aspects of Biomarkers Used in Ecotoxicological Evaluation
FFCLRP 5935994 Rheologycal and Bioactivity Characterization of Biopolymeric Based Materials
FCFRP 6025842 Advances in Medicinal Chemistry
FCFRP 6045845 Special Topics in Pharmaceutical Sciences
FCFRP 6046032 Topics in Biosciences and Biotechnology II
FCFRP 6046035 Seminars in Biosciences and Biotecnology
FORP 8055742 Cone Beam Computed Tomography Applied to Oral Rehabilitation
FORP 8055773 Hot Topics in Digital Dentistry
IAG AGA5716 Extragalactic Astronomy
IAG AGA5720 Perturbations Theory I
IAG AGA5724 Stellar Atmospheres
IAG AGA5914 Numerical Astrophysics
IAG AGG5952 Mechanical Modeling of Induced Seismicity
FAU AUP5924 Urbanization, plans and projects for São Paulo: from the colonial village to the megalopolis
FOB BAD5746 Orofacial Pain: The Relation to Dental and non-Dental Sources and its Impact on the Diagnosis, Management and Quality of Life
FOB BAE5732 Methods of Analysis Applied to Tomographic Images
FOB BAO5774 Systematic review in Dentistry
IB BIE5799 Rhodolith Beds: A Global Perspective
IB BIF5723 Neurophysiology of Vision
IB BIZ5765 Comparative Embryology of Marine Invertebrates
ICB BMF5893 Update in Pharmacology - Module 1
ICB BMI5853 Tumor Immunobiology
ICB BMI5863 Seminars in Immunology II
ICB BMI5909 Barrier Immunity
ICB BMI5915 Immunowebinars II
ICB BMM5828 Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model in molecular biology
ICB BMP5761 Seminars in Parasitology II
ICB BMP5789 Latest Methods in Protein Crystallization and Structural Biology
ECA CAP6008 A Virada Animal na Arte Contemporânea
CENA CEN5795 Special Topics in Plant Reproductive Biology
FD DEF5832 European Union Tax Law
FD DFD5922 New Theories of Law. Between Sociology, Economics, International Relations and Technology
FD DIN5949 Making Sustainable Global Markets
FD DIN5951 Business and Human Rights
FD DPC5911 Fundamental Lines of the Civil Procedure in Comparative Perspective
FD DPC5938 International Arbitration
FEA EAC5957 Workshop on Publishing and Reviewing (PuRe)
FEA EAD5933 Geopolitics and Corporate Strategy
FEA EAD6013 Responsible Management: Theory and Practice
Estética Hist. Arte EHA5740 Estudos em Arte dos Estados Unidos e Suas Conexões
EE ENC5943 Clinical trials on Skin and Wound Care: Evidence-based Nursing Practice
EE ENS5968 Introduction to Implementation Research
EERP ERG5921 Practical aspects of individual and multicentric quantitative research
FCF FBC5757 Current Topics in Physiopathology and Toxicology II
FCF FBC5766 Current Topics in Physiopathology and Toxicology IV
FCF FBC5792 Current Topics in Physiopathology and Toxicology III
FCF FBC5793 Current Topics in Physiopathology and Toxicology I
FFLCH FLG5161 The Urban Environment
FFLCH FLL5174 Syntacticization of Discourse
FFLCH FLM5998 As Relações entre Pais e Filhos na Literatura Contemporânea Irlandesa
FFLCH FLS6513 Natural Language Processing for Political and Policy Analysis: A Machine Learning Approach
FFLCH FLS6523 Survey Design and Analysis
IGc GSA5974 Topics in Applied Geology
ICB ICB5733 Cardiotonic Steroids and the Na+ Pump”
ICB ICB5745 Great Endemics
ICB ICB5748 Mucosal Immunology
ICB ICB5754 From Cloning to Protein Analysis - Methods and Strategies
ICB ICB5777 Physiopathology of Infectious Diseases
ICB ICB5781 Gene Regulation in Immune Cells
ICB ICB5782 Molecular Diagnosis of Malaria and Emergents Viruses in Amazon Region
FM IMT5117 Advanced Topics on Infeccious Diseases that are Relevant to International Health
IO IOC5813 Special Topics in Physical Oceanography
IO IOC5911 Special Topic in Oceanography
Bioenergia LBE5002 Transformation Processes of Biomass into Biofuel
Bioenergia LBE5007 Advanced Topics on Biofuel Manufacturing Process
Bioenergia LBE5009 Advanced Topics in Bioenergy
Bioenergia LBE5012 Special Topics in Bioenergy II
ESALQ LCF5771 Tree Biomechanics
ESALQ LET5816 Pathology and Microbial Control of Arthropods
ESALQ LET5828 Transmission of Plant Pathogens by Arthropods
ESALQ LZT5806 Special Topics in Genetics and Animal Breeding
ESALQ LZT5875 Ruminant Production in the Tropics
IME MAE5709 Introduction to Stochastic Processes
IME MAE5815 Probabilidade Avançada II
IME MAE5904 Statistical learning in high dimensions
IME MAE5908 Social Network Statistics
FM MAN5754 Tissue Engineering and Biosynthetic Material use in Surgery
FM MCM5851 Cancer Cell Biology
FM MCP5868 Seminars: Critical Analysis of Research Projects Developed in the Program - II
FM MCP5872 Critical Analysis of Clinical Studies in Cardio-Oncology
FM MDT5737 Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Cutaneous Autoimmune Processes
FM MFT5726 Virtual Rehabilitation
FM MPE5759 English for Conference Presentations and Writing Production in the Pediatric Field
FM MPR5762 Economic Evaluation of Health Technologies
FM MPR5775 Philosophy of Race and Health
MZ MZP5055 An introduction to microCT data and its scientific applications in Zoology and Paleontology
FO ODE5886 Odontogenic cysts and tumors, and fibro-osseous lesions of the maxillofacial bones
EEL PBI5228 Tópicos especiais em Biotecnologia Industrial 2
IEE PEN5039 Energy Transition and Sustainable Development
IF PGF5001 Quantum Mechanics I
IF PGF5005 Classical Mechanics
IF PGF5006 Statistical Mechanics
IF PGF5110 Solid State Physics I
IF PGF5368 Astroparticle Physics
IF PGF5392 Scientific Communication: Theory and Praxis
IF PGF5828 Quantum Field Theory II
EP PMR5005 Biomechatronics and Biorobotics
EP PMR5240 Sensors, Actuators, and Bayesian Inverse Problems in Medicine
EP PMR5250 Topology Optimization Method Applied to Mechanical Design
EP PNV5102 Fundaments of Fracture Mechanics and Applications to Structural Integrity
EP PNV6004 Maritime Big Data and Satellite Utilization
IRI PRI5078 Business and Human Rights
EP PRO5972 Business Sustainability
IQ QBQ5749 Scientific Writing
IQ QBQ5759 Advanced Topics in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology I
IQ QBQ5764 Advanced Topics in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology II
IQ QBQ5765 Advanced Topics in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology III
IQ QBQ5766 Advanced Topics in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology IV
IQ QBQ5911 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Biomolecules and Small Molecules
IQ QFL5932 Writing scientific manuscripts and publishing workflow
FMRP RBP5766 Seminars in Cellular and Molecular Biology I
FMRP RBQ5734 Seminars on Biochemistry I
FMRP RBQ5742 Topics in Contemporary Biochemistry II
FMRP RBQ5756 Seminars on Biochemistry III
FMRP RFA5792 The PI3K Intracellular Signaling in the Health and Disease
FMRP RFA5800 Seminar Series on Basic to Translational Sciences
FMRP RFA5806 Pharmacological Treatment of Gestational Cardiovascular Complications and The Impact of Prematurity in the Cardiovascular System in Adult Life
FMRP RFA5807 The Adrenal Gland: Lessons from Development, Pathophysiology, Molecular Pathways and the Clinical Setting
FMRP RFI5802 Epilepsies: Complexity and Comorbidities
FMRP RFI5813 New Advances in Neuromuscular Junction Control
FMRP RGM5885 Genetics Update Seminars
FMRP RGM5928 Use of Academic English in Scientific Communication for Writing Manuscripts and for Oral Presentations
FMRP RNP5760 Advanced Topics in Vascular Neurology
FMRP RNP5762 Tópicos Avançados em Neurologia - Doenças Mitocondriais
FMRP RNP5786 Non-invasive Transcranial Neuromodulation I
FMRP ROO5748 Research and Innovations at Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery
FMRP RPP5726 Nutrition in Critically ill Children: Systems Approach and Omics Sciences
FMRP RSM5769 Scientific Writing
ICMC SCC5852 Brain-Computer Interfaces
ICMC SCC5929 Introduction to Semantic Web
EACH SCX5000 Mathematical and Computational Methods I
EESC SEM5925 Instrumentation and Data Analysis in Multiphase Flow
EESC SEP5835 Change Management
IFSC SFI5897 Post Graduate Seminars I
EESC SHS5934 Applied Solutions for Water Security
IQSC SQM5852 Special Topics in Analytical Chemistry: Environmental Fate of Pesticides and Risk Analysis
ICMC SSC5890 Estimation of Distribution Algorithms
I P E N TNA5787 Management of Radioactive Wastes from the Application of Nuclear Technologies
I P E N TNA5813 Nuclear technologies
I P E N TNA5814 Radiation biology
I P E N TNM5823 Powder Diffraction Analysis for Inorganic Materials
I P E N TNR5781 Design features of research nuclear reactor
I P E N TNR5782 Practical issues of NPP and Research Reactors safety
FMVZ VCI5789 Requirements for Scientific Work in an International Context
FMVZ VRA5755 Tópicos Especiais na Reprodução de Grandes Animais
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