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Disciplina: 0110225 - Tropical Bio-based Production Systems

Créditos Aula: 4
Créditos Trabalho: 0
Carga Horária Total: 60 h
Tipo: Semestral
Ativação: 15/07/2018 Desativação:

   Introduce to students an overview of concepts, technologies and perspectives of 
agriculture in Brazil.
Docente(s) Responsável(eis)
4949597 - Aline Silva Mello Cesar
5152941 - Brunno da Silva Cerozi
3749501 - Rafael Munhoz Pedroso
Programa Resumido
Animal production in the Tropics,  Biodiversity on agricultural regions, Biomass and Bioenergy Production Systems, Crop protection, Food technology on tropical biomass, Management of Agricultural Landscape, Natural resources, Overview on Tropical Agriculture, Sciences applied to biomass production, Tropical bio-based economy, Tropical forestry, Water management on biomass production.
1. Agriculture constraints in Tropical Brazil; 2. Importance, challenges and opportunities for Tropical Animal Production; 3. Integrated Pest Management programs in tropical Agroecosystems; 4. Overview on sugarcane production; 5. Biodiversity conservation in multifunctional agricultural landscapes; 6. GHG emissions and mitigation in tropical agriculture; 7. Natural cycles and land use change in tropical environment; 8. Experimentation and Statistics in Tropical Agriculture; 9. Water quality in tropical basins; 10. Economic Aspects of the Biofuel Program in Brazil; 11. Natural and environmental resources economics in tropical agriculture; 12. The Citrus industry in Brasil; 13. Asset requirement for distinct scales of commodity production; 14. Extraction of antioxidant compounds from brazilian fruits and agricultural residues; 15. A tropical perspective of feed conservation for animal production.
Student participation in classes and a seminar presentation with the title to be defined with the professors in class.
Average of: Participation during classes + Seminar presentation/2. The student will be considered approved when the grade is maior ou igual 5,0.
Norma de Recuperação
Do not apply.
MURPHY, D. Plant Breeding and Biotechnology: Societal Context and the Future of Agriculture by (2007) 
HIGLEY, L.G.; PEDIGO, L.P. Economic Threshould for Integrated Pest Managemet. University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, 327p. (1996). 
ANGELINI, L.G.; CECCARINI, L.; BONARI, E. Biomass yield and energy balance of giant reed (Arundo donax L.) cropped in central Italy as related to different management practices. European Journal of Agronomy. v. 22, p. 375-389, (2005). 
CLEVELAND, C.J. Energy Returns on Ethanol Production. Science. v.312,p.1746-1748, (2006).
Literatura Complementar: 
Text and article recommended by the professors. 

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