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Escola Superior de Agricultura "Luiz de Queiroz"
Ciências Biológicas
Disciplina: LCB0223 - Topics in Biological Sciences

Créditos Aula: 2
Créditos Trabalho: 0
Carga Horária Total: 30 h
Tipo: Semestral
Ativação: 01/01/2018 Desativação:

Introduce the student in topics of biology with theoretical and applied content in areas such botany, ecology, biochemistry and molecular biology, plant physiology, biotechnogy and zoology presented in english language.
Docente(s) Responsável(eis)
52242 - Helaine Carrer
Programa Resumido
Classes Will be presented in english language in topics of plant anatomy, plant morphology,  systematic of small vertebrate animals (mammals and reptiles), plant physiology (stress tolerance and post-harvest), plant biochemistry and molecular biology, plant microorganisms interaction, aspects of biomass production to bioernergy, ecology aspects related to restoration of degraded areas.
1) Taxonomic studies of brazilian flora, 2) Ethnobotanical survey of medicinal and aromatic plants, 3) Anatomy of ultra structure of plant-microorganisms interactions, 4) Study of hormonal peptides in the development, reproduction and defense in plants; 5) Management restoration of degraded areas; 6) Plant Physiology; 7) Postharvest; 8)  Plant Tissue Culture; 9) Studies of Yeasts for bioethanol production; 10) Taxonomy and ecophysiological studies in cyanobacteria; 11) Transgenic plants applications; 12) Aspects of biosafety; 13) biochemical and physiological studies of photosynthesis; 14) Systematics and evolution of small mammals; 15) ecology, behavior and conservation of reptiles.
In each class during the students are requested to provide the teacher an abstract about the important topics presented during each presentation. It will also be requested a writing work (review) about one of the topic discussed in class.
The final grade will be given by an average of: average grade of 10 short essays prepared in classes about the topics presented and a monograph (bibliographic revision ) of a topic to be defined with the teacher. Final grade = average of 10 short essays + monograph/2.
Norma de Recuperação
Not aplicable.
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